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The return of real American beer

American craft beer is thriving, but it wasn’t always that way.

“There is an entire generation of drinkers who are too young to remember the beer world in the US before craft beer, but in a word, it was a bit of a wasteland.”

Australian Made: Craft Beer

The trade in tap beer at Frankie’s Pizza is a good example of where brewing is right now: they’ve got their mainstream, chuggable Boags Draught (of which they plow through plenty, we’re told). But you’re just as likely to have your bartender put your plastic beer mug down on the bar, filled with a distinctly blue-coloured beer.

Frankie’s Pizza

From the guys, formerly known as the Shady Pines lads, previously known as the guys from Baxter Inn, and perhaps now more easily referred to as the Swillhouse group, comes Frankie’s Pizza.

Chalmers to Baxter Inn; McGoram goes to Reserve

Barry Chalmers, Reserve’s brand ambassador for New South Wales, has accepted a training role with the Swillhouse group, with Bartender’s Drinks Editor Simon McGoram replacing him.