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Gaz Regan: A Boston Boozer for Brother Cleve

I was in Boston a couple of months back, attending the Boston Cocktail Summit. It was a grand affair that culminated, from my point of view, in me being roasted, Friars Club-style, by some of my best friends in the business. They were far too kind to me.

Gaz Regan’s asking for Just One Shift this week

This week sees the Just One Shift initiative taking place. Starting from Monday the 8th and rolling all the way through to Sunday 14th, bartenders from Australia and all across the globe will take part in the plan to raise $250,000 USD over a one-week period…

Cocktailian: When is bespoke too bespoke?

I keep a file of cocktail recipes sent to me by bartenders that I deem worthy of testing. The testing, however, is becoming more and more time consuming, simply because few bartenders in this second decade of the 21st century are content to use only readily available ingredients in their drinks.

Cocktailian: the art of the artichoke

By Gaz Regan. “What do you like to mix with Cynar?” fellow cocktail scribe Warren Bobrow, who writes for the likes of Foodista.com and the Williams-Sonoma blog, asked me recently. And I had to admit that I’d never really fooled around with this Italian aperitif/digestif. It wasn’t entirely off my radar, though.

The Rookie:The ‘New’ Breed Have it Too Easy

I’m certainly not old enough to have this piece come across as a “back in my day, we had it so tough” gospel speech. And I try never to be cynical about our industry and remain positive about where it’s heading.