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Combine gin and prosecco to get this drink: Ginsecco

A new drink has just hit Australia’s shores, and it doesn’t require you to give up your love for Prosecco or gin. In fact, you just need to combine them to create the perfect summer tipple – the Ginsecco.

This Aussie gin is the world’s best classic gin

Never Never bested a bevy of emerging and established brands, including one of the world’s most popular gins, Tanqueray No. Ten, representative for the United Kingdom. Never Never’s Juniper Freak Gin was also awarded Australia’s Best Navy Gin in previous rounds.

What is gin? A rookies guide to the juniper stuff

What is gin? There’s never been more gin available in Australia than there is today, and it is very much in vogue with punters. Below, we’ve got a quickstart guide just what is gin all about.