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What does a gin distiller do all day? Lesley Gracie explains

“People often think that once you have created a recipe that’s it – you can sit back and it’s easily replicated day in day out. I wish it were so!” says Lesley Gracie, Hendrick’s master distiller. Find out what she looks for in their botanicals.

5 great gin cocktails you should know

Could gin be the quintessential cocktailing spirit? And which gin drinks should you have in your repertoire? We asked some of Australia’s best bartenders what they thought.

Plymouth comes out on top in our gin blind tasting

Here’s 8 great gins tasted, scored and rated: We chose The Rook for this tasting for one very simple reason — this joint loves its gin. We put eight gins out in front of our panel to explore, and the tasting turned some heads…

Classic: the Dubonnet Cocktail

Quinquinas. These under-appreciated, herbal, bitter wine-based drinks might seem a little dowdy, but they pack a lot of flavour. Oh, and they are downright delicious when mixed, like in this Dubonnet Cocktail.

Books: The Book of Gin by Richard Barnett

Definitely a book for the gin buff, rather than just a pleasure read and let’s face it, Gin has a juicy past, with lots of little gems to help spice up your bar banter. Gin has been a drink of kings infused with crushed pearls and a drink of the poor flavored with turpentine and sulfuric acid.

Cocktail Experiment: Gin

Go through a door emblazoned with vinyl records and down into the basement of 73 York Street and you’ll find a record store and this cracking bar. Records line the wall, red covers the banquettes and the team behind the bar are some of the rockingest bartenders around.

Australian Made: The West Winds

Not long ago a couple of cracking gins appeared on the market; lo and behold they were Australian. The West Winds gins caught the fancy of juniper-prone bartenders across the country (their stand at Bar Week Drinks Fest was as full on as the botanicals in the Cutlass gin they make), so we caught up with rabble-rouser-in-chief, Jeremy Spencer, to find out more about what they do.