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How much is too much? A bartender taboo…

By Greg Sanderson.
I am by no means writing this article preaching from my high horse. Those who have met me or know me, know that I love my drink and should most certainly take my own advice on more than one occasion. I am writing this article, as I believe it is a topic we rarely discuss, and is often purposely ignored…

Greg Sanderson on multi-talented bartenders & one-trick ponies

I am sure there was a simpler time in an era long forgotten where even the most fantastic bartender had to simply pour from a bottle with a smile and be lauded by their guests. Today’s modern professional bartender needs a very diverse repertoire of skills at their disposal to be at the top of the current bar game.

Greg Sanderson’s cocktail & food matching tips

When I first began in this industry and started frequenting cocktail bars I was never overly impressed with the food offering, if indeed there was one at all. Eating elsewhere and then arriving at your cocktail drinking destination was simply what was done. Over the past few years I have noticed a massive swing in venues specialising in cocktails and offering great food selections (or indeed improving upon their existing), even to the quality of top restaurants.

Bar Profile – EDV, Melbourne

From the outset the Almenning’s vision for the Eau de Vie brand was to be more about making a statement and less about ‘being a business’, according to Sanderson. “Eau-de-Vie was all about creating a venue where people walk away talking about the amazing drinking experiences they had rather than about the music, the crowd or the design.”