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Hamish Goonetilleke on the journey from bar owning to booze-making

“For us it’s been a very organic process – having the bar in fitzroy, The Rum Diary Bar, we’ve always created our own house products such as ginger beer and a spiced rum. The popularity of the rum kept growing over the years, so we kept tweaking and improving it, as time went on people kept asking to buy it for home, so we increased production and started selling it to customers and then into other bars,” says Hamish Goonetilleke the man behind Rum Diary Spiced Rum

Marmalade Bar

Within a cobbler glass throw of Melbourne pumping Chapel St is the sweet little wine and cocktail bar named Marmalade. Hamish Goonetilleke, owner of the new venture invites you down to kick back on the vintage chesterfield in out open front bar and watch as the world rushes by.