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Caribbean drinks — it’s all about the rum…

The Caribbean: we often talk about the Caribbean in passing when we’re talking about rum and rum drinks. But how much do we really know about these places? We’ve put together a couple of snaps, a few stats and more importantly, a few drinks that you might see at each of the following stops in the Caribbean.

Bookworm: To Have and Have Another by Philip Greene

Hemingway is the bartender’s booze-fuelled writer-laureate, and Philip Greene has pulled together all the drinks Hemingway wrote about, giving recipes and a little bit of the backstory. It’s like a good Hemingway novel, without the all that boring non-booze stuff.

Absinthe, knife-fighting, & ways to mix it

Absinthe: perhaps no other spirit has held quite the attraction for writers that this green spirit has had. It is the spirit of writers, artists and vagabonds; perhaps this is why it is seldom called for in a bar. Taken with iced water or over lots of crushed ice, however, there’s something very refreshing about absinthe. It’s a little old-fashioned. It’s not a taste that someone new to drinking is going to like. Hell, drunk in this manner, you need to be a grown-up to like it.