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What does a gin distiller do all day? Lesley Gracie explains

“People often think that once you have created a recipe that’s it – you can sit back and it’s easily replicated day in day out. I wish it were so!” says Lesley Gracie, Hendrick’s master distiller. Find out what she looks for in their botanicals.


Plymouth comes out on top in our gin blind tasting

Here’s 8 great gins tasted, scored and rated: We chose The Rook for this tasting for one very simple reason — this joint loves its gin. We put eight gins out in front of our panel to explore, and the tasting turned some heads…

London Update… Walk In Gin

Let me say first off, to save a flood of corrective comments, that yes, I know a gin and tonic is not technically a cocktail. At least it isn’t when served in a glass, but what if it is atomised and suspended as a cloud in a tiny room and inhaled by intrepid cocktailians in boiler suits?