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Check in on 2017 Bartender of the Year Daniel Gregory at Ettie’s

One bar in particular has making some waves: Ettie’s. Complete with piano bar and the kind of sandstone walls you get from an old building, the reigning Bartender of the Year, Daniel Gregory, is there behind the stick and pushing ahead with his brand of bartending.

The Squire’s Bounty, Hobart

The Squire’s Bounty is the latest James Squire concept bar to open its doors and the first to make landfall in Tasmania. The venue opened mid-December 2009 and is located in iconic Salamanca Square with the aim in mind to provide Tasmanians with “premium craft beer and food matching experiences in a lively, convivial atmosphere.”

Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge, Hobart

Hobart is welcoming the addition of Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge to its ranks in the Historic Salamanca precinct. This wine bar and pizza spot boasts the creative attentions of Paul Kelly Design. The space previous to the renovation was two tenancies; one a fish and chip shop and the other a historic walkway with cobble stone floors, housing an ATM.

Das Zimmer, Hobart

Located in the heart of Hobart, Das Zimmer provides a full food menu and extensive wine list until 3am (Russian lobster and white asparagus is a refreshing change from a doner kebab at 2am). Das Zimmer is situated in a quirky loft space that’s divided into private booths – each with their own luxurious lounges and the option of shutting out the rest of the world with your own velvet drapes.