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Naren Young urges you to keep your glassware as cold AF

‘What’s not romantic is waiting twenty minutes for a drink while the bartender has to fumble around for six different bottles. My goal is to get drinks into people’s hands as quickly as possible without sacrificing any quality, which is a win win for everyone.’

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We get geeky with ice, visit Port Douglas, and check in on Adelaide’s Ollie Margan at his latest bar, West at Henley. We hear from The Royal’s Stephanie Haile on training, hospitality, and career growth, and get a look at Elise Godwin’s new drinks list at Fremantle’s Strange Company.

Bring back the blender?

There was a time – not that long ago – when bars were filled with the sound of whirring metal blades blitzing ice and fruit and booze; a time when the cocktail glasses were large, the drinks coloured bright, and the bartender was the boss of the blender.

Ice Ice Baby

A full transcript of the interview with Grant Collins which appears in the February issue of…