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Explainer: what is Irish whiskey, and how is it made?

Irish whiskey is in boom times not just here but around the globe, selling something like 11.4 million nine litre cases of the stuff across the world in 2019, up from six million in 2010. But what is Irish Whiskey? How is it made, and how is it defined?

Roe & Co: The reinvention of Irish Whiskey

Roe & Co is named in honour of George Roe, the once world-famous whiskey maker who helped build the golden era of Irish Whiskey in the 19th century.

The Dead Rabbit’s Irish Coffee recipe

The Irish coffee recipe you’ll find at New York’s Dead Rabbit is about as good as you’ll find anywhere, and back in July Sydney’s The Duke of Clarence adopted their recipe for use, too.

Classic: Black Thorn

Ah, March; the start of Autumn. Leaves are falling, and so too the drinkers packing the pubs on St Patrick’s Day. On the 17th of March the Irish pubs will be full with Paddys, Guinness a-pouring, a sea of green and streams of whiskey flowing. But there won’t be a lot of cocktails.

Pernod Ricard seeing Green Spots

It is the lone brand to come from the ‘whiskey bonding’ era in Ireland and will be more readily available in the coming months. A single pot still Irish whiskey, it is comprised of pot still whiskeys aged between 7 and 10 years.