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Baxter Inn’s Jason Scott teams up with Jamie Webb in new Brisbane bar

One half of the Swillhouse Group, Jason Scott (Shady Pines Saloon et al) is partnering with Jamie Webb (Cabiria, Peasant) in a new saloon-style music hall in Brisbane. “It’s called Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall,” said Webb. “We are a country music hall with free music and a democratic door policy.”

Frankie’s Pizza

From the guys, formerly known as the Shady Pines lads, previously known as the guys from Baxter Inn, and perhaps now more easily referred to as the Swillhouse group, comes Frankie’s Pizza.

Shady Pines Saloon

Now once in a while something special graces bar scene becoming an instant classic. Shady Pines Saloon might just be one of those places. Is it the cocktails? Is it the food? Is the über-chic design? Not on your Nelly!