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Editor’s Pick – Ireland; A week of pubs, saloons, distilleries & the all important Craic!

It’s a bloody long way to get to Ireland and I don’t think they had a longer flight option with Virgin! So do yourself a favour and don’t almost kill yourself trying to fit in a full tour of Ireland and get back to Sydney in just a week. Crazy! With such limited time available I decided to focus my trip on pubs and all things whiskey related, unfortunately giving their iconic castles and fabled racetracks a miss.

Ruby L’otel, Sydney

Opened in June this year following a swanky $2m revamp of the former Tattershall’s Hotel, Ruby L’otel offers something quite different to the Rozelle pub market. From Matt O’Neill and the founders of SumoSalad, James Miller and Luke Baylis, the venue pulls off the perfect mix of old and new with the public bar retaining a traditional feel and the huge beer garden providing a real wow factor.

Alcohologist… The Cocktail Shaker

The cocktail shaker is far more than a simple tool for bartenders to prepare drinks in. It has over the past century become a symbol for civilized society, for elegance, sophistication and the embodiment of good times… Sven Almenning dusts off some antique gems and takes a look at the history behind this, the most indispensable of bar tools…