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Cocktail Experiment – Martini Madness

It would have been hard to go past Hinky Dinks for this month’s Cocktail Experiment considering that the theme was Martini Madness. Hinky Dinks is after all harking from an era where the home cocktail party raged and a cocktail was more than a drink – it was a fashion accessory. The Martini raged supreme.

Funnily enough, this is always one of the more challenging experiments we run through Bartender magazine. Twisting and ‘moderning-up’ this timeless classic can be tough and often it’s the simple touches that work best. As usual we ran through the line-up of spirits and brainstormed ideas on how best to tackle the cocktails before hitting the mixing glass.

The Mary Pickford

Born in 1892 as Gladys Smith, Mary Pickford – and indeed the cocktail that bears her name – may well have faded from the limelight had it not been for her smart decision to adopt a stage name. Pickford was a legend of the silent movie era staring in hundreds of movies until her retirement in 1933.