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River Mint & Cola

Rosenbaum & Fuller is the name of Potter Cavanagh’s new bar, and it’s located just…

Cocktail Experiment: Bitters

With Lee now heading overseas for the foreseeable future, it was a great opportunity to head down to TVR for this month’s cocktail experiment. At their creative best the team was able to whip up some cracking drinks on all but a moments notice.

Brandy’s Best

Check out the great selection of brandy cocktails featured in the July issue of Australian Bartender magazine. Thanks to all the bartenders who sent through their drinks – keep them coming!

Absinthe Cocktails

Needing some inspiration for absinthe cocktails? Check out these concoctions from October’s Bartender magazine.

BARTENDER: Lee Potter-Cavanagh, Sydney

Introducing Victoria Room Bartender and one of the Top Ten in the 2009 Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year Competition, Mr Lee Potter-Cavanagh…