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Take a look inside the rebooted Lotus

Lotus was one of the most celebrated and influential bars in the Australian scene, winning many awards and educating a city on how to drink properly.

The Fish Shop

The Fish Shop is just one of Merivale’s many venue openings for 2012, and the powerhouse hospitality group has eyed off the east coast of America’s sun-bleached seaside havens for inspiration in its design.

Canadian Club’s Smugglers Redemption

During America’s prohibition years, clandestine tipplers got a serious taste for Canadian Club Whisky that was smuggled across the boarder in huge quantities by whisky runners. Now some 90 years on, some of Sydney’s small bars are harking back to these shady times by designing a Canadian Club cocktail and smuggling it into another participating bar so that they can take photos of themselves drinking their smuggled drink and posting stories about their ‘Smugglers Tale’.

The Ketel One Hundred Club – Winner’s Videos

The Ketel One Hundred Club is a new initiative by the luxury Dutch vodka brand that has been formed of 10 bartenders from each of the 10 key Ketel One markets around the world. In Australia, Diageo’s Reserve Brands invited the top entrants from the World Class Vodka Martini Awards to join.