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Manhattan Cocktail Classic on sale now

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is on again this year (May 17—21 2013); those keen on going ought to set an alarm, as tickets for the event go on sale Friday March 15th at 12pm EDT in the US (which is 3am Saturday 16th AEST).

Angostura Bitters shortage hits New York

The Manhattan is threatened as bars face a worldwide shortage of one of its key ingredients, Angostura bitters. Apparently “Big Apple bartenders and barflies [are] hoarding what little is left of the pungent brew.”

CLASSIC: The Brooklyn Cocktail

Of the five boroughs of New York City, history has only neglected poor old Staten Island when it comes to having a cocktail named after it. Of the other four we have all heard of the Manhattan and a few more of us might know a Bronx, but what about The Queens Cocktail and The Brooklyn?