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New Burrow Bar location announced!

“Our doors opened just as the NSW lock out laws came into effect, and our lease ended just before covid hit. It’s been a rollercoaster of a time, but I am very proud of the venue we built and grew… ” says co-owner Bryce McDonough.

Are bottled cocktails here to stay?

Bargoers still wanted to drink the good stuff, and all these amazing bartenders, well, let’s face it, they had some free time. Put it together and the business of ‘Bottle Cocktails’ had the chance to boom.


Look inside Bar Totti’s, the latest from Merivale

Bar Totti’s is split into two spaces; a light and bright bar space that looks out onto George Street, and a second which is darker and structured around a horseshoe-shaped bar, set down a level inside, and offering a more moody aesthetic and DJs when the sun goes down.


Take a look inside the rebooted Lotus

Lotus was one of the most celebrated and influential bars in the Australian scene, winning many awards and educating a city on how to drink properly.