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Here’s our fave Mexico City bars and restaurants for a layover

Mexico City is the seat of the federal government in Mexico, and it’s the country’s largest city — one of the largest in the world. It’s chaotic, traffic clogs the roads and the road rules, if there are any, don’t seem to apply to anyone. It’s beautiful, ancient, gritty and bold.

And it offers up some great drinking and eating.

Get a look at Chula’s Carrot Milk Punch recipe

We love the look of the winter cocktail list at Sydney Mexican restaurant and bar, Chula, and one of our favourite drinks on the list reads a little strange but tastes great: their Carrot Milk Punch.

The distilleries of Oaxaca – we go to Del Maguey

In our June issue, publisher Dave Spanton took a trip through Oaxaca as part of his agave spirit tour with the incomparable Phil Bayly and Tomas Estes. Oaxaca obviously is all about the mezcal, and he checked in with the mezcal that has done so much to popularise the spirit, Del Maguey Single Village Mezcals.

15 Mexico facts to bore your customers with

Is your bar chat a bit crap? Need to know more stuff to sell more tequila (which is always a good thing)? Look no further! We’ve got 15 Mexico facts to bore your customers with, so read on…

Drinking at La Capilla Mexico

After a few exhausting days visiting distilleries it was a welcome sight to see this bar and enjoy a few tequilas and a cold beer. Many of you reading this know that La Capilla is now as famous as many of their tequilas having recently been awarded one of the top 100 bars in the world by Drinks International magazine. Mind you, our humble Australian magazine’s similar “best bars list” has also heaped high praise on this world renowned dive bar.