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Sam Ross & Michael McIllroy on Attaboy & latex gloves

After 13 years in the space on Eldridge Street, Milk & Honey’s owner Sasha Petraske was looking for new digs: a bigger space for a new chapter in Milk & Honey’s life. And one that sparked a new life for the old space: life as Attaboy. We asked Ross and McIllroy how it came to be via email.

NYC’s Attaboy have some Instagram fun

Sam Ross and Michael McIllroy of New York City bar, Attaboy, have been getting their Instagram on over the holidays with a series of photos suggesting rules for the festive period. Check out a selection of our favourites below — though we’re not sure what to make of the kissing scene between Ross and McIllroy (we think it was consensual) — and follow them on Instagram at @attaboy134.