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Lifetime Ban

Lifetime Ban 25 ml navy strength gin 25 ml blanc vermouth 25 ml fino sherry…

Could this be The Best Drink In The World?

Owner and bartender Collin Perillo (ex-Milk & Honey London, The Roosevelt, Mahiki), chef and owner Tim Dengate and owner/barista/bartender Aidan Morrison opened this little bit of food and drink paradise in Randwick just a few days before Christmas, and decided to open on Christmas Day because, well, they’d just opened and they wanted to play with their new toy.

Sam Ross & Michael McIllroy on Attaboy & latex gloves

After 13 years in the space on Eldridge Street, Milk & Honey’s owner Sasha Petraske was looking for new digs: a bigger space for a new chapter in Milk & Honey’s life. And one that sparked a new life for the old space: life as Attaboy. We asked Ross and McIllroy how it came to be via email.

The World’s Best Bars Part 1

I got to thinking the other day about what have been my favourite bar experiences over the years and I wondered what other people might say was their all time best bar visits – excluding of course those places that they either own or work at. So I asked!

The Everleigh

When The Everleigh opened its doors in early July it was clear that Melbourne really did have its next big thing – this was after all the Australian connection to the fabled Milk & Honey’s. Heard of them?

The Milk & Honey Touch

Melbourne’s latest venue to come on line, The Everleigh, is the collaboration between Lauren Schell and Michael Madrusan (both ex Milk & Honey and Little Branch) and the owner of these two iconic venues, Sasha Petraske.

CLASSIC(ish): East 8 Hold Up

In the grand scheme of things vodka has really only graced the Western palate in more modern times. Sure the clear stuff was around, but it really wasn’t until the 1940s and ’50s that the stuff really took hold in the US. Unfortunately for vodka this late start means that there are relatively few vodka cocktails that we really deem as ‘classics’.