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Profanities and streams of whisk(e)y flow at the Mixxit Chronicles

Mixxit Chronicles have returned — and their training session on Scotch and Irish whiskies have been a hit with bartenders in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. We popped by the session held last week at Sydney’s The Wild Rover and spent the better part (in more ways than one) of the afternoon sipping whisk(e)y and hearing the profanities pile up in an entertaining fashion.

Mixxit Chronicles get rude and uncensored!

Mixxit Chronicles – winners of On Premise Training Program of the Year at last year’s Australian Bartender Bar Awards — is set to launch at the iconic 1806 next week 30th April & 1st May at 1pm, with a session titled “Scotch & Irish Whisky – un-Censored”! Led by Jason Crawley and Dylan Howarth, the lads are promising a fresh look compared with last year’s program, and best of all — it’s uncensored.

Last Man Standing – The Magnificent 7 Champion Crowned

Last Thursday – World Cocktail Day – saw crowds pile in to George Street’s Ivy to watch the Magnificent 7 Final Shootout and celebrate the anniversary of the cocktail.

After a full day of grueling competition – following a year long program – Sydney’s Luke Redington, from Eau-De-Vie, took out the top honours after an entertaining performance in front of the large consumer crowd.

Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax

Are you tired of your hair do resembling an extra fuzzy tennis ball? Perhaps there’s no ‘coif’ in your coiffure? Well the marvellous Mixxit team have the remedy for your fluff, frizzes and fur: Presenting Mixxit Bartenders Hair Wax.

WEBWATCH: Mixxit.com.au

The industrious Mixxit team have been hard at work over the summer months to pull together a cracking new website. www.mixxit.com.au is their online base of operations featuring the Marvellous Mixxit Mixer Machine – a spirit and flavour matching tool – the Three Dashes of Bitters e-newsletter containing hilarity and the latest industry news, updates on the Magnificent 7 competition, videos and all the information you need about Mixxit training sessions.

VIDEO: The Mixxit Team at Sydney BarShow

Russian Standard was launched on the Australian market in September 2009. What better way to introduce the brand to over 5,500 bar industry professionals than at the recent Sydney BarShow?

Most Influential Top 50 Announced

The votes are in for Bartender magazine’s Most Influential List in association with Diageo’s Alchemy. Read on to find out the who made the Top 50 based on your trade votes…

Tales of Tales by Jason Crawley

A real highlight of this year’s ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ was Dave Wondrich’s take on the History of the Modern American Saloon. Previously, the only time I had been significantly injected with such important perspective was after reading the first ‘Mixologist Journal’ when I truly discovered what could be called the origin of the species; the Punch.