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Introducing Mark Wadley, a hotshot glassy from Molly in Canberra

‘Everybody who works at Molly has a specialised area of expertise. It’s an amazing learning experience, on any shift I can go to a senior bartender and ask them a question, and no matter how obscure I’m always met with a list of facts, antidotes and tips that I am constantly adding to my repertoire.’

Lorenzo Focarile tells us that Canberra is not the sleepy town you might think it is

“The city is commonly and unfairly labelled as the place where politicians go to ruin the lives of Australians. Most people have memories of Canberra as a primary schooler completing the obligatory school trip to Parliament House. For a long time, Canberra was a pretty drab place, but it’s 2020 and things have changed a lot.” – Lorenzo Focarile