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Find work in a bar that aims for excellence, says Naren Young

I encourage constant training and revision of whatever the most popular 50-100 cocktails are in your particular city and at all my bars over the years, this has been the very foundation for all other drinks. Without a grounding in the classics, you can’t, or shouldn’t, be attempting avant garde drinks that are poorly executed.

Naren Young urges you to keep your glassware as cold AF

‘What’s not romantic is waiting twenty minutes for a drink while the bartender has to fumble around for six different bottles. My goal is to get drinks into people’s hands as quickly as possible without sacrificing any quality, which is a win win for everyone.’

Ten of our biggest stories from 2020: We say farewell to the year from hell & wish you a great 2021

The team at Spanton Media are eagerly awaiting the end of 2020! A year that will go down in history, that’s for damn sure. So while we sign off on the final hours, we thought we would recap some of the biggest stories of the year and tip our hats to some of the clever folks who have contributed articles in 2020. Now let’s move on to 2021!

Naren Young on the power of mentors

“But only recently, I felt like I’ve needed to engage others to help me in my professional and personal life. People to mentor me. Life coaches, if you will. For anything troubling on a deeper personal level, there’s always therapy. But I, like many others, are navigating an uncertain future in our industry…”