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Lifetime Ban

Lifetime Ban 25 ml navy strength gin 25 ml blanc vermouth 25 ml fino sherry…

Drinks with Cocktail Kingdom’s Greg Boehm

Lucky are those bartenders that start behind the bar these days. Not only do they have a cornucopia of cocktailing ingredients, they’re also coming up in a world in which fine glassware, elegant bar tools and a wealth of affordable cocktail book reprints are a given. That’s in no small part to guys like Greg Boehm, who’s New York-based company, Cocktail Kingdom, has been synonymous with cracking cocktailing gear. We talk to Greg Boehm about how Cocktail Kingdom came about, and his plans to build the business in Australia.

Drinks With… PKNY’s Richard Boccato

You know an operator means business when they head to NYC, scouting out one of their best bar operators and getting them involved here in Australia. That’s exactly what Damian Griffiths — the man behind Alfred & Constance — did, snagging NYC tiki man Richard Boccato, with the result being a pitch-perfect Tiki bar by the name of White Lightning. Boccato was recently out in Australia to do some training at White Lightning, and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

The law that launched 1000 brothels (& the Raines Law Room)

In 1898 the streets of New York were ripe with vice; Gotham was in the grip of a burgeoning trade in brothels. A letter that year to The New York Times described hotels “where rustic beaus are fleeced and rustic belles debauched,” and a casual walk to church could see a man “accosted by a leering drunken woman.”


Manhattan Cocktail Classic on sale now

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is on again this year (May 17—21 2013); those keen on going ought to set an alarm, as tickets for the event go on sale Friday March 15th at 12pm EDT in the US (which is 3am Saturday 16th AEST).

Angostura Bitters shortage hits New York

The Manhattan is threatened as bars face a worldwide shortage of one of its key ingredients, Angostura bitters. Apparently “Big Apple bartenders and barflies [are] hoarding what little is left of the pungent brew.”