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The team behind Old Mate’s are flipping Ginny’s Canoe Club to become ‘Old Loves’, a tribute to all things Caribbean Rum.

“The idea was to create what we think would be the first tiki bar with the introduction of exotic flavours, like pineapple, papaya or guava. They probably didn’t have the silly shirts or the ridiculous glowing neon lights and wild garnishes. We’ll still have that element of fun, but we’ll peel back that kitsch element that it’s been associated with.” Dre Walters, Owner/ Operator

Check out this threeway with Ailsa Bay and Old Mate’s Place

What we really wanted to do was make some banging drinks that fit all eventualities. Firstly, we wanted to create something refreshing, easy to make and perfect for a day off. Following that, something stirred down and boozy for after a shift, and finally something for any occasion that would always get a double thumbs up reaction.

VIDEO: How to make Old Mate’s Pea & Pear Shrub

For this month’s photoshoot we headed to Old Mate’s Place in Sydney’s Clarence Street. With Dre Walters and Dan Noble leading the charge this is a joint that is serious about its cocktailing. This drink features their house-made labour of love the Pea & Pear Shrub. Noble says: “The drink is a light, effervescent delight. The perfect cocktail for the spritz lover in all of us.”

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