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Bar profile: The Morrison

In 1920’s Sydney, if you drank at a pub and hurt yourself it was you’re your own fault. One Christmas Eve morning in 1927, a naval petty officer fell 25 feet from the second floor of the Brooklyn Hotel, suffering “a probable fracture of the spine, fractured skull, and fractured jaw”. Today that might spark a media and public outcry. Instead, the Sydney Morning Herald at the time pithily reported that “it is believed he overbalanced on the railing.” Things, of course, have changed.

Cabiria Luncheonette & Oyster Bar

What piqued our interest initially was the name ‘Luncheonette & Oyster Bar’ – we really had to check out a place that prefaced itself as if it was operating in the mid-19th century (there was a popular Oyster Bar operating on George Street, Sydney in 1880s for example).