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We talk to Merivale’s new man and Reematch!!! Beeyatch!!! founder Paul Mant

Paul Mant, a name most people equate with ridiculously cool London bars — not to mention the Reematch!!! Beeyatch!!! event — has now relocated to Sydney to work with the Merivale Group, taking over where Mike Enright left off. Australian Bartender took the chance to chat with our country’s most recent English immigrant to talk bars, booze and plans for the future…

UK drinks maven to head up Merivale’s mixology

There have been a number of personnel changes taking place at Sydney’s Merivale, among them the departure of long-time group bars manager Mike Enright (who has opened up The Barber Shop since his departure). But in big news for Merivale and Sydney drinking, the UK’s drinks maven Paul Mant is stepping into the role.