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RIP Tomas Estes, 1945 – 2021. A tribute to a great man.

“Having spent more than four decades working, collaborating, travelling, drinking, learning, having fun, getting into trouble, fighting, losing friends, gaining new ones and most of all sharing the Agave Love around the world with this amazing human, I am heartbroken.” – Phil Bayly

Tequila Thursday! Phil Bayly gets technical in The Explainer

Tequila is an “Appellation of Origin” as are both Cognac and Champagne. This did not just happen, an organization known as the CNIT worked hard to achieve this. The CNIT (Camara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera) or National Chamber of the Industry of Tequila, is an organisation based in Guadalajara composed of industry members who are distillers and producers of the plant and spirit of tequila.

Cafe Pacifico to close after 15 years

After 15 big years, countless bottles of tequila, and more hangovers than anyone cares to remember, Sydney institution Cafe Pacifico will close its doors this month. Problems renegotiating the lease and leaky ceilings left owner, Phil Bayly with no choice but to move on.

Tequila: romancing the agave

It’s January, 1986, and a young Tomas Estes — and a younger Phil Bayly — are driving around East Los Angeles.
“We were cruising in his metallic gold 55 Chevy pick-up with “Empresa Pacifico – Junta de rebusca y desarollo” painted on the side,” said Bayly. Estes made a stop at a liquor store in search of supplies, and when he came out he held a bottle that changed the way Bayly saw tequila.

Tequilaworld steps back in time to… 2004

Take a squiz at the video below from Australian Bartender Advisory Panel member and all-round Tequila guru Phil Bayly. You’ll see a younger Bayly, Tom Estes, Angus Winchester, and Dre Masso step behind the bar at the legendary La Capilla, on Julio Bermejo’s first Writer’s Tour of Tequila in 2004.

Think Spirits take on Del Maguey

Many a bartender in Australia has tried to track this brand down, often to no avail. Think Spirits have now secured distribution for these quality mezcals, of which a fair share of the attention given to mezcal these days can be attributed to.