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Pisco Punch: the drink that made a bar world famous

It might be hard to imagine a time when pisco was a common sight going over the bar, but that was the case back in the late 1800s in San Francisco — largely thanks to this cocktail, the Pisco Punch.

The Pisco People; a passion for the Peruvian grape spirit

“Even though they have pisco in Chile, the pisco in Peru was completely different. My passion for pisco developed as I started to learn more about the history, production subtle nuances in taste and flavour. Upon returning to Australia thought I would take a piece of Peru back with me – so I created The Pisco People and began importing Peruvian pisco,” Josie Healy, Founder of The Pisco People

The rookies guide to grape spirits

Wherever you find vineyards and grape growers in the world, you’re bound to find enterprising vignerons operating some kind of still to make use of excess grapes.

A Peruvian pisco pilgrimage — part two!

From gin to mezcal, absinthe to armagnac, and whiskies all across the globe, the variety and quality of what we can get our hands on is increasing every day! One of the most remarkable renaissances has been happening in Peru, and I headed there at the most important time of the year, la vendimia (the harvest), to visit a whole load of bodegas, bars, and even a school of wine and pisco!