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The Blend launches The Scholarship

If you’re new to the hospitality industry, The Scholarship will teach you the fundamentals of hospitality. If you’re moving up the ranks, they’ll show you modern bartending techniques. And if you want to push yourself to the next level, you’ll pick up knowledge and skills beyond the bar so you can drive the industry forward.

Explainer: How yeast changed the world by Merivale’s Sam Egerton

Most brewers will joke that in reality they work for the yeast – that their job is to feed it and keep it happy. This organism from the fungi class of flora is found in biofuels, baking, the wine industry, and of course brewing. It is everywhere – in the air, in the soil, on your skin.


Look inside Bar Totti’s, the latest from Merivale

Bar Totti’s is split into two spaces; a light and bright bar space that looks out onto George Street, and a second which is darker and structured around a horseshoe-shaped bar, set down a level inside, and offering a more moody aesthetic and DJs when the sun goes down.


Take a look inside the rebooted Lotus

Lotus was one of the most celebrated and influential bars in the Australian scene, winning many awards and educating a city on how to drink properly.