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Here’s seven 10-second cocktails to speed up your service

Working fast isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart. The craft cocktail renaissance has brought us many fine things: old, forgotten recipes, timeless drinks, a renewed sense of professionalism behind the bar. But as bartenders have learnt more about what they serve, new techniques and more variations on a Manhattan than I’ve had hot dinners, so too has the queue at the bar grown.

‘What was the movie when the sheilas got up on the bar and danced?’ Watch new series, The Pub With No Beer

Here’s something to give you a good chuckle. This short flick from Schweppes’ Cocktail Revolution shows a small country pub, The Old Hepburn Hotel (which has been keeping locals watered for 100 years) as they switch off the beer taps and shake up some cocktails for their regulars. Understandably, some of the reactions are quite amusing.


Here’s a charitable idea we can get behind: head to new Melbourne bar, Shebeen, buy a beer like Tusker (which is from Kenya) and see the profits from the sale of said beer go to help Kenyan farmers get access to tools, education and insurance so that they can get out of hunger.

Schweppes’ Finds Australia’s Top Five G&Ts

Over the last few months Schweppes have been on a quest to find Australia’s best G&T. Well their search is almost over after having whittled down a ton of amazing entries from the length and breadth of the country.

Last Chance to Win a Trip to London!

The entries for Schweppes’ Australia’s Best G&T competition are set to close this Sunday. Schweppes has asked bartenders to take the classic G&T and use their genius to create something special – Australia’s Best G&T.

Schweppes Search for Australia’s Best G&T

The search for Australia’s best G&T is kicking off this month! Schweppes wants bartenders to take the classic G&T and add 1 part creativity, 1 part presentation and 1 part story, to make something not quite old and not quite new, but really quite incredible: Australia’s best G&T.