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Blended whisky put to the test

Poor old blended whisky. In this brave new world of boozing, where ballsy ryes proclaim their 95% rye mash bill, of high proof spirits and super-hopped IPA’s, spirits like blended whisky can get a little lost in the noise. It’s not that the spirits aren’t well made — on the contrary, really, because the art of blending and creating a consistent product year in and year out is one of the toughest gigs in the business.

Profanities and streams of whisk(e)y flow at the Mixxit Chronicles

Mixxit Chronicles have returned — and their training session on Scotch and Irish whiskies have been a hit with bartenders in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. We popped by the session held last week at Sydney’s The Wild Rover and spent the better part (in more ways than one) of the afternoon sipping whisk(e)y and hearing the profanities pile up in an entertaining fashion.

An Islay dram worth its salt

With a punchy abv that’s a tick over 46%, the ’18’ retains much of its natural character and flavour profile ensuring you’ll feel as though you’re sitting on Islay high above the distillery, gazing toward Jura.

Scotch: The Finest A Nation Can Offer

There are two distinct camps of Scotch whisky; Single Malt Scotch and Blended Scotch. The latter is the relative new kid on the block, only coming into existence since the ability to continuously distil spirits was available due to the advent of the Continuous still in 1831.