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Blended whisky put to the test

Poor old blended whisky. In this brave new world of boozing, where ballsy ryes proclaim their 95% rye mash bill, of high proof spirits and super-hopped IPA’s, spirits like blended whisky can get a little lost in the noise. It’s not that the spirits aren’t well made — on the contrary, really, because the art of blending and creating a consistent product year in and year out is one of the toughest gigs in the business.

Ryes Rated! You might be surprised by the results…

The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity old time American whiskey made from rye. Aside from a handful of brands — if there was indeed that many — rye whiskey was essentially extinct in this country, with scant interest even in its homeland of the US of A.

Foley Lane

Foley Lane, just up the road from Shady Pines in Darlinghurst, is bringing all things Iberian to the area.