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Shaun Pattinson to open new ‘juke joint’

Shaun Pattinson, former owner and bartender of influential and award-winning Adelaide bar, Cushdy, is getting back behind the stick just in time for Adelaide’s Fringe festival. when he opens a popup bar called Roses & Rye.

The ego has landed: OK, you won, but it was just a comp!

By Shaun Pattinson
Cocktail competitions, I believe, are a great opportunity for young and aspiring bartenders to judge themselves against their fellow industry peers. They are also a fantastic way to develop a very high opinion of yourself and the importance of the role you play on this planet.

The Unsocial Network: making the media work for you

A lot has been written about the power of social media in our industry but don’t think for a second that is going to stop me from adding my two cents. I’m focusing on this from a business perspective as well so let’s forget about those people who post photos of their dinner, their baby bump, their dog in a tutu and so on. Their souls can’t be saved.

Are you being served?

At the start of each year you come across articles in industry magazines or websites focusing on trends for the next 12 months that lay ahead. They normally ask some well known bartenders what they think will be “the big thing” and in the past we have seen molecular mixology, barrel aging, bottled cocktails, bourbon, rye, gin, rye again…. and so on.

Operator Profile: Shaun Pattinson

Shaun Pattinson’s bar, Cushdy, has just celebrated 5 years of service and in that time has become the go-to bar in the burgeoning Adelaide cocktail scene. They’ve won awards – too many to mention – so we thought it high-time that we picked Pattinson’s brain about what makes Cushdy so great.