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Sydney’s first small bar relaunches this week

Tatler can plausibly lay claim to a couple of Sydney firsts — it was perhaps the first Sydney small bar, and it enjoyed a reputation for being the most exclusive bar in Sydney with its clientele of regulars drawn from Sydney’s music, media and arts in-crowd.


Walk down the sliver of hallway they use for an entrance and Berta opens up to become a chic wine bar and restaurant tucked away in complete privacy. This is the latest offering from Andrew Cibej – owner of Vini – and judging by the full seats at 6:30pm it is already a hit. The focus is on wine not cocktails and Berta offers an in-depth selection of Italian styles. They have at their disposal the talents of Georgio from Vini – who imports many wines specifically for the restaurants.

LL Wine and Dine

Despite what the latest season of Underbelly and Sydney’s tabloids will have you believe Kings Cross is trying to clean up its act. One particular area that has seen a major transformation is Llankelly Place, perhaps Sydney’s first real attempt at creating a Melbourne style laneway.

Shady Pines Saloon

Now once in a while something special graces bar scene becoming an instant classic. Shady Pines Saloon might just be one of those places. Is it the cocktails? Is it the food? Is the über-chic design? Not on your Nelly!


21 Howard St, Perth 08 9481 0092 This small bar in Perth has been on…