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Are bottled cocktails here to stay?

Bargoers still wanted to drink the good stuff, and all these amazing bartenders, well, let’s face it, they had some free time. Put it together and the business of ‘Bottle Cocktails’ had the chance to boom.

Hennessy My Way 30 Second Challenge to create iso cocktails

As part of an initiative launched by Hennessy to support the hospitality industry during venue closures and restrictions, bartenders around the world were engaged while in lockdown to create a Hennessy cocktail or serve in a video of less than 30 seconds. #hennessymyway

Operator Profile: Karl Schlothauer and Christophe Lehoux

Small is beautiful when it comes to successive bar openings for this Sydney based duo, and their latest digs – Button – is certainly going to cement their good reputation around town. In between opening new venues, and maintaining the high standards that they keep at the current ones, Christophe and Karl took some time out to chat about their experiences as multi-venue operators.