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Bar Profile: Virginia Plain

There are two big wine trends that have taken shape over the last few years: one of them is a trend toward natural wines; the other, an increasing interest in orange wines. And there is quite a lot of overlap between the two. Natural wine, loosely defined, is wine that is made with the least intervention possible.

Distillery Profile: Bundaberg Rum

There aren’t many iconic Australian brands that have enjoyed such an illustrious and colourful history than that of Bundaberg Rum. It all started in 1888, when a group of enterprising sugar millers decided to do something about a surplus of molasses trickling from the cane fields of Bundaberg…

Classic: Perfecting the Pousse Cafe

Q.F.s, B52s and Slippery Nipples were some of the first drinks I learnt behind the bar whilst pouring pints at a beer barn in south-eastern England. What I wasn’t aware of at the time was that I was making a Parisian café drink popular in mid-19th century America.

Bartender of the Year 2012 Wrap

The Australian Bartender magazine Bartender of the Year Competition, sponsored by Ketel One, is a bartending challenge that always throws up a few surprises. 2012 proved to be no exception with the calibre of bartenders involved proving to be outstandingly high.

Bar profile: The Morrison

In 1920’s Sydney, if you drank at a pub and hurt yourself it was you’re your own fault. One Christmas Eve morning in 1927, a naval petty officer fell 25 feet from the second floor of the Brooklyn Hotel, suffering “a probable fracture of the spine, fractured skull, and fractured jaw”. Today that might spark a media and public outcry. Instead, the Sydney Morning Herald at the time pithily reported that “it is believed he overbalanced on the railing.” Things, of course, have changed.

Harlem on Central

It used to be, only a few years ago, that a night out in Manly, home of the silvertails, sandy beaches and surfers, involved heading down to the Corso and into a big ol’ beer barn. There’d you’d order beer, if you were a guy (it’s a beer barn, after all), and you were likely wearing a T-shirt.

Which is not to say that is bad, because there is a time and a place for that. But that was all there was. And it couldn’t be further from the truth today.

Bar Profile: Palmer & Co.

“We created a venue that we’re passionate about and that we love,” Hemmes stated, “we just hope to hell it works out!”

Troubled Absinthe

“As long as you didn’t have a nip or two of absinthe it was quite fine to drink five litres of wine a day, thank you very much.”