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A cheatsheet to American whiskey (and 6 great bottles)

American whiskey has an identity all its own — and quite different, for the most part, to those of their cousins across the Atlantic in Scotland and Ireland — thanks to the heavy use of corn and rye as the base grain.

The Gresham’s brothers in booze: Kal Moore by Magnus Moore

HERE IS a story about two brothers in booze, two siblings behind the stick at The Gresham. You may know one of them, the elder Moore, Kal, from around the traps; he’s been a fixture of the bartending scene in Brisbane for over 10 years now and is one of the industry’s biggest brains when it comes to bartending knowledge.

The Gresham’s Billie-Jean Bray talks feminism behind the bar

Every female manager will at one stage of their career be accused of being a bitch. How do we as women maintain our image as a strong, natural born leader if when managing staff we are called out for being ‘bitchy’, and how can we work together to eliminate this issue? The answer to that question in my opinion is Respect.

The Mineral House Cocktail at Walter’s

Developed by bar manager Brendon Osmers (you may remember him from his numerous Top 8 finishes in the Bartender of the Year), the Mineral House Cocktail is a drink that uses its classic proportions to pack in layer upon layer of flavour.