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Watch our How To on the Tommy’s Margarita

There’s something inescapably rustic about tequila. It’s more in the idea than the product itself. Although the spirit itself is capable of being a rareified, elegant spirit — and often is — so much of the imagery around it brings everything back to the haciendas and agave fields of Mexico — a dusty, dilapidated glamour it has made all its own.

San Francisco: Libationary and Culinary Adventures in the City by the Bay

This was to be my first great American adventure. San Francisco, fog city, the city by the bay – whatever you want to call it – offers the libationary motivated traveller a great introduction into American drinks culture. I travelled to this fine city back in July 2010 – en route to the epic gathering of cocktailians that is The Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Tommy’s Margarita

This month’s ‘How To’ is inspired by the modern classic: Tommy’s Margarita. The Tommy’s Margarita is a creation by Julio Bermejo considered by many as the world’s leading Tequila aficionado and Tequila ambassador to the US. This particular Margarita is one that he started serving in the 1980’s at his father’s restaurant the legendary Tommy’s Restaurant and World’s Best Tequila Bar in San Francisco.