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A fine selection of Liqueur, Vermouth & Bitter cocktails

This month we took a look at liqueurs, vermouth and bitters for a cocktail category. As usual we revived a swath of suggestions from Aussie bartenders who were keen to show off their skills. Check out some of the cocktails that made the cut for the February issue.

Introducing – Jessica Arnott

Placing in this year’s Top 11 at the Bartender of the Year Competition (sponsored by Reserve), Jessica Arnott is showcasing some fantastic bartending talent. You’ll find her at Sydney’s Victoria Room, the British-Raj inspired cocktail temple, where she’ll turn out quality drinks and fine chat with regulation ease if you drop in on a Friday night.

Vodka Cocktails

A selection of delectable drafts from November’s Vodka Spirit Profile in Bartender magazine

Sydney BarShow Week Networking Events

2010’s Sydney BarShow Week saw the biggest line-up of networking events to date. Check of some of this year’s party action

Absinthe Cocktails

Needing some inspiration for absinthe cocktails? Check out these concoctions from October’s Bartender magazine.

Cargo’s Freestyle Cocktail Competition Results

Every year Sydney’s Cargo hosts the Freestyle Cocktail Sessions. The annual event features 10 of Sydney’s top bartenders jumping behind the bar at Cargo Lounge for one night only to showcase their very own signature cocktail to full house of budding cocktail enthusiasts.

BARTENDER: Lee Potter-Cavanagh, Sydney

Introducing Victoria Room Bartender and one of the Top Ten in the 2009 Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year Competition, Mr Lee Potter-Cavanagh…

Coney Island Bartender Bumfight

Ok so this isn’t really a cocktail story, but the ‘coconut crazed cowboys’ that are Tha Colada Club and the cats that bought you Rematch Beeyatch are presenting a evening of classic cocktail madness at Sydney’s Victoria Room with the “Coney Island Bartender Bumfight”.