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EDITOR’S BLOG: The Pub with no Pool Cues

We have seen legislative changes including lockouts, increased security, bans on certain drinks and of course, the bans on glassware to reduce the number of glassing incidents. The latest call has been for a ban on pool cues and glass ashtrays.

EDITOR’S BLOG: Recommended Daily Intake

With so much negative press about alcohol these days, it was refreshing to read a frank and funny story about alcohol consumption by journalist and radio personality, Tony Squires. Given the Australian Alcohol Guidelines recommend no more than two drinks a day for healthy men and women and no more than four drinks on a single occasion, Amy asks how many drinks are too many?

Flak Jacket Not Required

If The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph and the mainstream media in general are to be believed, a night out in Sydney is best experienced wearing a flak jacket and Kevlar helmet.