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The rookies guide to bourbon and rye

In our Rookies Guide 2014, we take a look at each of the major spirit categories, giving you a brief rundown on the history, production processes and other interesting tidbits you’ll need to know for top notch geeky bar banter.

Wrap your lips round a Whiskey Tango

Rye’s return has been a boon for drinkers seeking a strong, spicy spirit to strengthen their stirred drinks. But there’s other uses for it, like this long drink — the time for which is right now. With spring upon us, the sun returns and brings back some heat. It’s Sydney Bar Week, too, and you’re going to indulge in a spot of daytime drinking (if you know what’s good for you)

Classic Cocktail – Honey & The Brown Derby

Sticky, unctuous and sweet – honey has been humankind’s sweet treat for thousands of years. Ancient cave paintings in Valencia, Spain give evidence of humans collecting honey as long as 9000 years ago with corroborative evidence pointing to ancient Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Mesoamerican peoples all being sweet on the honeybee’s handy work…

Campari Australia Open For Business

Campari Australia are excited to announce their arrival in the Australian liquor scene. Campari’s national trade marketing manager, Liam Murphy, said: “This is a very exciting time for us all at Campari Australia.