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Celebrate Indie Beer Day on Saturday!

This Saturday 25th July, fans of independent beer will raise a glass to the independent brewers and venues across the country in the second outing of ‘Indie Beer Day’.

Fat-washing, blue drinks and more at Old Growler

Old Growler isn’t such a new bar anymore, having opened up in the first few months of this year. Things are cracking along well and recently hired ops manager Jordan Blackman (also an Australian Bartender Bar Awards Rookie of the Year nominee) has put in a new cocktail list to go with the Young Henry’s beer on tap.

The craft beer tasting panel results: from .5 to 4.5 stars

This was an exciting blind tasting to watch unfold. As our 150th issue approaches we’ve responded to the feedback from readers and our advisory panel. Bartenders are having a greater say in the mag and we think that is great. We also think that the Australian craft beer scene is growing stronger and more and more bars are expanding their range, so we thought we’d put together a panel and a tasty beer line up to see just what was out there and hopefully identify some beers worth packing in your fridges

Young Henry’s opening a new bar in the ‘Loo

Woolloomoo has a new bar brewing that’s a creative collaboration between Oscar McMahon from Newtown’s Young Henry’s brewery (pictured), Jack Brown (ex-owner Chingalings and hospitality business consultant), with Alex Watts and Nick Watney from Camperdown’s Runcible Spoon.