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Behind Bars take on Zeta Bar at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel

Zeta Bar at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel has got a new consultancy behind it — Sven Almenning’s Behind Bars will provide ongoing consultation on Zeta Bar’s exciting drinks program. “We are delighted to collaborate with one of Sydney’s leading cocktail venues at the iconic Hilton Sydney” said Behind Bar’s Russ McFadden. Along with Dr Phil Gandevia, McFadden will be managing the new partnershop

Cargo’s Freestyle Cocktail Competition Results

Every year Sydney’s Cargo hosts the Freestyle Cocktail Sessions. The annual event features 10 of Sydney’s top bartenders jumping behind the bar at Cargo Lounge for one night only to showcase their very own signature cocktail to full house of budding cocktail enthusiasts.

Zeta launches Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar

Sydney’s multi-award winning Zeta bar will be transformed into a 50’s-style ice cream parlour each Friday evening until the end of March, to serve their iced cocktails in cones and cups from the new Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar.

Zeta’s Vintage Nights

Grant Collins and the Zeta boys have transformed Zeta’s VIP Room to host several special “Vinatage Nights” over the remaining winter months until 9 August.

Ice Ice Baby

A full transcript of the interview with Grant Collins which appears in the February issue of…