Get the recipe for Bar Moncur’s La Belle by Kurtis Bosley

The La Belle cocktail at Bar Moncur.
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La Belle by Kurtis Bosley

  1. Shake all ingredients and strain into a cocktail glass.
  2. Garnish with candied rhubarb.

Recipe by Kurtis Bosley, Bar Moncur, Sydney

This recipe comes from Sydney-based bartender and group bar operations manager for the Public House Management group, Kurtis Bosley. The drink is on the list at the group’s Bar Moncur, and is a cracker.

“La Belle is great,” Bosley says. “Armagnac is an all time favourite spirit for me so making a drink out of it was a no-brainer. The idea was always there but it wasn’t until I had a mixed plate of nibbles over a few armagnacs that it properly came together, with key tasting notes of chocolate, orange, rhubarb and vanilla. Simple, but damn tasty.”


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