‘A change from office life and engineering life.’ How the Melbourne Moonshine guys started their distillery

Opening a distillery seems like a great idea, a romantic one (for a certain type of person); opening a ‘moonshinery’ has even more illicit appeal if you ask us. That’s exactly what Melbourne Moonshine mates Ben Bowles and Andrew Fitzgerald did when they opened their urban distillery in South Melbourne in 2015.

Cape Byron Distillery’s Eddie Brook on making the family farm a distillery, & the legendary Jim McEwan

Cape Byron Distillery is owned by the Brook family, and world renowned master distiller, Jim McEwan, whom you may know from any number of award-winning whiskies and from the creation of The Botanist Gin. The distillery is set on the Brook family farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay, and they’re making gin with a sense of place.