Download the September issue now for your Bar Week guide and more

Welcome to September, people, that time of year when the best in the Australian bar business descend upon Sydney for five days of parties, tastings, and good times for Sydney Bar Week. With that in mind, the September issue of Australian Bartender is now available to download.

The 200th issue is out now — download your copy now

The 200th issue is now available to download to your iOS device. In this issue, we hear from Ramblin' Rascal's Cherish Royal Wilkie (a finalist for Rookie of the Year this year); get tips from Charlie Lehmann, Hayden Lambert and Jenna Hemsworth on working with sweetness in drinks; learn how you can score that ambassador gig; and we check in with Nathan Beasley and Chris Hysted-Adams on the 15th birthday of venerable Melbourne bar, Black Pearl — and much more.