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Torino, the home of vermouth: Bartender Magazine Italian Aperitivo Tour

The home of vermouth is a spectacular city. And it is genuinely a city that is dedicated to the tradition of aperitivo. From 4pm, bars and caffes are full of people sharing a quick drink with friends before they head home for dinner. Aperitivo snacks are also mostly free here (expect anything from olives to a full platter), which is something that has started to fade away in other places in Italy.

Bartender Magazine Italian Aperitivo Tour Part 1: Milan

First stop on our Aperitivo Tour was Milan. It’s a city that gets a bit of a bad rap thanks to the smog and congestion but we loved it. There is a real aperitivo culture, stunning architecture and little alleyways dotted with cafes and trattorias are full of twinkling fairy lights and awnings.