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Grace the Establishment

With the 2012 wine vintage closing in and a quick jaunt planned to Adelaide wine country in the coming months we took a squiz at one of Adelaide’s – or ‘Radelaide’ as it can be sometimes known – small success stories. Grace the Establishment opened on the cusp of the 2011 New Year and since then has been ploughing ahead with good food, good wine and a friendly, congenial atmosphere – a good combination when you’re at the serving end of the hospitality scene.

This is another venture undertaken by the Trim Hospitality Group which is owned by Matthew and Olivia Trim. They have a string of venues under their belt, including; The Banque, The Queens Head, The Manse Restaurant and Sparrow Kitchen and Bar. Of their latest addition, there is no strict story behind the name, more of a feeling according the venue, ‘grace the restaurant, grace the bar….grace the establishment’ they say.